Parking Information & FAQs

Do you have a Drop Off location? Where is it?

We DO have a drop off location. When you arrive to the Parking Attendant Booth, tell the Parking Attendant that you are just there for Drop Off or Pick Up Only. The Parking Attendant will then point you in the proper direction. Drop Off and Pick Up is located at the curb on the immediate right of the main drive. This area is clearly marked with signs. DO NOT DROP OFF OR PICK UP DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF PARK GATES. THIS AREA IS FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY! Any car found parked or waiting in the Red Zone directly in front of the Main Gate will be subject to towing and fines. 

Is there ADA Parking? Where is it located?

Yes! ADA parking is located in the Preferred Parking Lot with the closest proximity to the Front Gate as possible and is the same price of regular parking. $12 for Autos.

Can I go in and out of the lot during the day?

Yes! You may go in and out of the lot during the day. You MUST show your original receipt to the Parking Attendant as you are re-entering the lot. If receipt is lost, you must repay for parking. 

Is there plenty of parking during the season?

Wet 'n' Wild Palm Springs has 4 large parking lots for ample parking! You'll never go without a spot!

How long is the walk from the lots to the gate? Do you offer a shuttle through your lots?

The typical walk from the parking lots to the Main Gate is about 3-5 minutes. Not a long walk at all! Our parking lots are all in very close proximity to the Main Gate. Since the lots are so close, we do not offer a shuttle from the lots to the Main Gate. 

Are your parking lots lit during the evenings?

All lots are well lit during evening events.

Can we reserve parking spots ahead of time?

Parking spots cannot be reserved. All parking is on a First Come, First Served basis. 

How much is parking for my automobile?

Standard Parking is $12 for automobiles. Preferred Parking  is $18 for automobiles. Preferred Parking is located directly in front of the Main Gates and is available on a First Come, First Served basis. 

Is there RV and Bus Parking? How Much is it?

RV and Bus Parking is available! Lot 4 is for Busses and RV's. Busses and 14+ Passenger Vans are Free to park. RV's are $22.

Can I purchase a Season Parking Pass?

We DO have Season Pass Parking! Please visit our Season Pass Page for more information! Season Pass Parking is $35 for Standard Parking and $55 for Preferred Parking. Parking Passes are valid all season long!